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The problems of the “User Experience”


Is the user a ranking factor?

The user experience is mentioned 16 times in the essence of quality guidelines (Official PDF) mentioned, but Google told us that it is not classifiableranking factor” in the research office, at least.

“Mobile, of course, since UX is the basis of the mobile update. Currently not on the desktop. (Gary Illyes: Google May 2015)

While UX, we are told, is not literally a “ranking factor”, it is helpful to understand exactly what Google calls “bad user experience” because the bad UX signals are identified on your website to sort something for at any time.

The consistent SEO tips from Matt Cutts focused on a good user experience.

What Bad UX?

For Google, the UX notation, at least from the point of view of a quality evaluator is based on the following page:

  1. Misleading or potentially misleading design
  2. Sneaky Redirects (Intrusive Affiliate-Links)
  3. Downloads and malicious downloads
  4. Spammy user-generated content (comments without moderation and messages)
  5. MC bad (content page)
  6. SC low quality (extra content)

What is, SC(supplementary content)/(extra content)?

If it is a positive and low web page, Google speaks a variety of useful and relevant content – p. Useful navigation links for users (not usually MC or ads).

Additional content contributes to a good user experience on the page, but it is not directly relevant page for your goal. SC is created by webmasters and is an important part of the user experience. A common type of SC is the navigation links, which allow users to visit other parts of the site. Note that in some cases, the content may be displayed on the page behind the tab portion of the SC.

In short, the lack of useful SC can be a reason for a low-quality score, depending on the purpose of the site and the type of site. We have different standards for small Web sites that are present in their communities excellent Web sites with a large volume of web pages and content. For some types of “web pages” as PDF and JPEG files, we do not expect to SC.

It’s worth remembering that the good does not badly MC stores MC (“The main content is a part of the page that directly helps the page to achieve its goal.”) A poor review.

Good SC seems to be a sensible choice. Always.

Key points of SC

  1. Additional content can be a big part of what makes for a very satisfying your landing page high quality.
  2. SC is useful for targeted content on the content and purpose of the page.
  3. Smaller sites such as Web sites for local businesses and non-profit or personal Web sites and blogs may require less of your needs for their needs.
  4. A side can still score high or even higher without SC at all.

Special Offers Matching SC:

  1. Additional content contributes to a good user experience on the page, but it is not directly relevant page for your goal.
  2. SC is created by webmasters and is an important part of the user experience. A common type of SC is the navigation links, which allow users to visit other parts of the site. Note that in some cases, the content may be displayed on the page behind the tab portion of the SC.
  3. SC, which contributes to the website and the website to a successful user experience. – (A high-quality brand website – this statement was repeated 5 times)
  4. However, we hope that the Web sites of large companies and organizations will make a great effort to create a good user experience on your website, including one that is helpful SC. For large sites, SC can be an important medium in which users browse the site and MC, and the lack of SC useful for large sites with a large amount of content can be a reason for a low score.
  5. However, some pages are deliberately designed to move the MC user’s attention to the ads, monetized links or SC. In these cases, the MC is difficult to read or use in a bad user experience. These pages should be classified.
  6. Misleading or possibly misleading design makes it difficult to say that there is no answer, so this page is a bad user experience.
  7. Redirection, the action of a user is originally requested at that to send to another URL. There are many good reasons to redirect one URL to another, for example, when a website is moved to a new address. However, some redirects are designed to cheat search engines and users. This is a very bad user experience, and users may feel deceived or confused. We call it “hidden detours.” Hidden differences are misleading and should be classified as the lowest.
  8. However, you can find sites with lots of forum discussions spam or unwanted comments. We will consider any comments or discussion forum as “spam” if someone is not published without reference comments to help others but to promote a product or a link to a website. Often these reviews are written by a “bot” rather than a real person. Spam comments are easy to spot. You can include ads, downloads, or other links, or just sometimes abbreviated text strings that are not related to the topic, such as “Good”, “I’m new here”, “How are you doing today? Etc. Webmasters need to find and remove this content because it is a bad user experience.
  9. The changes make it very difficult to read a bad user experience and they are. (Lower MC (copied content with little or no time, effort, experience, manual or curative value to users))
  10. Sometimes the MC of a landing page is relevant to the query, but the continuous page contains pornographic ads or pornographic links outside the MC there which can be very harmful and possibly a bad user experience.
  11. The application and the advantages of the MC should be balanced with the user’s experience.
  • The pages that provide a bad user experience, such as sites that are trying to download malicious software, should also get lower values, even if they have the corresponding images for the query.

In short, no one recommends a bad UX, but to face the Google algorithms and create human quality, they show a clear interest in this material. Google is a kind of mobile Web sites in classes that are frustrating for UX, but at certain levels, the Google classes as UX is far from what you might be familiar with the professional classification tools UX Google for example W3C Tested Tools.

Google is in the ranking list of website content in question and the reputation of the page area is increasingly interested in your site and pages of competition in other areas.

A satisfactory UX can help in the classification, taking into account the second order factors. A bad UX can seriously affect your human notation, at least. The algorithms of the probable penalties of Google rank pages as something of a bad UX, for example, if they meet certain criteria most likely. The lack of good reputation or old school things like keywords SEO a website.

If you want to improve the user experience by focusing primarily on the quality of your MC pages and prevent them – or even eliminate them – old school SEO techniques – these are definitely positive steps further Google traffic in 2017 – and the Kind of the content of Google Performance Awards will at least be a good user experience.

SEO Tutorial for Beginners in 2017


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization in 2017 is a technical, analytical and creative process that improves the visibility of a website in search engines. Its main task is to direct more visitors to a website that will convert into sales.

The free SEO tips you read on this page will help you create a successful SEO website.

I have more than 5 years of experience in ranking the sites in Google. If you need optimization services, visit my SEO services or SEO services for small businesses.

An introduction

This is a beginner’s guide to effective white hat SEO.

Technical conscious “gray hat” than to avoid what may be gray now is often referred to as “black hat” tomorrow when it comes to google.

No page what can explore this complex subject in its entirety. What you find here, you will find answers to questions you will find asked when you started in this area.

“The ‘rules”

Google insists webmasters keep their “rules/gameplays” and aims to reward sites with high-quality content and web marketing techniqueswhite hat” with good grades/high rankings.

Instead, you should also punish Web sites that violate the rules of Google.

These rules are not “laws”, but of “guidelines” for ranking at Google; Created by Google. However, you must keep in mind that some methods of placing on Google are indeed illegal. Piracy, for example, is illegal, in the United Kingdom and the United States.

You can choose to follow the rules and respect them, duplicate or ignore them all with a different success (and a number of payments, Google spam team).

The white hats do with “rules”; The black hats ignore the “rules”.

What you read in this article is perfect in-laws and also in the guidelines and will help to increase traffic to your website through organic, natural or pages of search engine results (SERP).


There are many definitions of SEO (search engine optimization spelling in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand or search engine optimization in the US and Canada), but the SEO 2017 Bio mainly discards traffic from Google, the world (and almost the only game city in Great Britain):

Top 5 search engines in the United Kingdom from 2015 to 2017; Date



SEO web art is based on understanding how people are looking for things and understanding the type of results that Google wants (or showing) to their users. These look a lot to collect.

A good optimizer has an understanding of how search engines like Google are generating their natural SERPs to generate navigation applications, users of information and transaction.

Risk Management

A good search engine search engine has a good understanding of the short and long term risks in search engine sites to optimize and understanding the type of content and Google sites (in particular) will return the natural SERPs.

The goal of each campaign is more visible in the search engines and would be a simple process if it was not for the many traps.

There are rules to follow or ignore, the risks are gained or lost from the winnings and battles.

Free circulation/Free Traffic

A Mountain View spokesman named search “kingmaker”, and that is not a lie.

The high ranking in Google is very important – it’s really “free advertising” in the best advertising space in the world.

The company course registration Google is still the most valuable organic visitor to a website in the world and can make an online business or break.

The state of the game in 2017 is that you can still generate highly skilled prospects free of charge and quite simply through your website and optimize your main content possible to find a buyer for your company, product or service.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of competition now traffic-free (!) – Google also in certain niches.

You should not compete with Google. You should focus your competitors in the competition.


The process

The process can be carried out successfully in a room or workplace, but it has always been the rule on many skills involved as they arise, various marketing technologies including, but not limited to:

  1. Web Page Design
  2. Accessibility
  3. Availability
  4. User Experience
  5. Web site development
  6. PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.
  7. Server Management
  8. Domain management
  9. Translate
  10. Tables
  11. Back link Analysis
  • Search by keywords
  • Promotion of social media
  • Software development
  1. Analysis and data analysis
  • Information Architecture
  1. Survey
  • The Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Find hours and hours on Google

It takes a lot in 2017 to earn a page on Google in competitive niches.

User Experience

The big stick that Google met all webmasters with (currently and in the foreseeable future) is the stick “quality of user experience.”

If you want to qualify for Google in 2017, you should have a better offer, not entirely on manipulation tactics or old school.

A visit to your website is a good user experience?

Otherwise, they fit the “quality handbooks consultants” and see the algorithms of Google/quality Web sites to find a bad user experience for their users.

Google launches the “quality bar”, year after year puts a quality level higher in online marketing in general (in the very low quality we’ve seen in recent years).

Online success is to invest in a better quality of page content, website architecture, ease of use, conversion, balance and promote.

If you do not take this path, you will be hunted by the Google algorithms next year.

The guide “What is SEO” (and all Web sites ) does not refer to the type of Google SEO Churn and Burn (called Webspam Google) because it is too risky to implement on a real website in 2017.

What is a successful strategy?

Possibly. Always popular tourist.

This is not just a problem of handling in 2017.

It is often useful to add high-quality content to your site, which together serves a purpose that provides the satisfaction of users.

If you are serious about more free search engine traffic, be prepared to invest time and effort into your website and online marketing.

Signs of quality

Google wants to rank the quality of the documents in their results, and need those who want to invest more in quality content and excellent service to attract editorial links to reputable sites.

If you are willing to add content to your site and create rumors about your business, Google will give you a high score.

If you try to manipulate Google, he will punish you for a certain period until you solve the offensive problem – we can know for years.

Backlinks in general, for example, are still too strongly positive by Google and manipulated to lead a website for the most important positions – for some time. For this reason, Blackhats do – and the business model does so. This is the easiest way to rank a site today.

If you want a real business you want to build a brand online – you can not use black hat methods. Point.

Solve problems do not necessarily lead to punishment in the tourism.

Restoring a Google penalty is a process of “new growth” as it is a “clean” process.

Google rankings are constantly changing

It is the job of Google SERPs for HARD.

Therefore, people remain behind the algorithms of “changing the elements” by changing the “rules” and increasing “quality standards” for the competing pages for the first ten places.

By 2017 – we are running into the SERPs – and that seems to suit Google and keep everyone guessing.

Google is very mysterious about its “secret sauce” and sometimes provide useful advice and sometimes vague – and some say bad way – like most clicks from Google.

Google said that the optimization engine “counter” search engine intended to improve the amount of high-quality traffic to a website, at least (but not limited to) low-quality strategies such as web spam.

In essence, optimizing search engines, Google is always about keywords and links. This is RELEVANCE, reputation, and trust. This is the content quality and satisfaction of visitors.

GOOD EXPERIENCE USER is a key to winning – and keeping – the highest ranks in many vertical markets.

Relevance, authority, and trust

Optimizing the website is relevant and reliable web page to organize a petition.

This is the keyword rankings in the long run, based on merit. You can play according to the rules of the “white hat” defined by Google and try to build this path of trust and authority in time, or you can choose to ignore the rules and go in full-time “black hat”.

Most SEO tactics still work for a while at a certain level, depending on who is doing it and how the campaign is implemented.

Whatever route you take, you know if Google catches you try to change your reach with hands and handling methods, you will be classified as a spammer’s network and your site will be penalized.

These sanctions can last for years if they are not treated because some sanctions will become invalid and do not do so, and Google will eliminate injuries.

Google wants you to change easy and tried, do not try. Critics say that Google would pay with the help of Google Awards would prefer it.

The problem for Google is that top placement in Google’s organic search results is a social test for a company in a way to avoid PPC costs, and yet it is the best way to drive traffic to a website.

It is free, even if it meets the criteria of growth you should file above.

What are the low quality pages?

What are the low quality pages?
When it comes to defining what a lower page is, Google is naturally interested in the quality of the main content (MC) of a page:
Main content (TM)
Google said MC should be the main reason why a page is available.
CD quality is low.
There is an insufficient amount of MC for the purpose of the page.
There is not enough information on the site.
Bad User Experience
This content has many problems: bad spelling and grammar, the lack of complete assembly, misinformation. The poor quality of the MC is a reason for the lower note + low. In addition, the popover ads (blue underlined words) can make the main content difficult to read, resulting in a bad user experience.
The pages that provide a bad user experience, such as sites that are trying to download malicious software, should also get low values, even if they have the corresponding images for the query.
If a page seems to be misinterpreted, take a look. Ask yourself if the site was intentionally designed to get the attention of MC. If this is the case, the low score is sufficient.
The design is missing. The layout of the page, for example, or to the MC room redirected to make use of CD.
You should consider which is responsible for the content of the site or the content of the page you are evaluating. Does the person or organization have a sufficient experience of the subject? If the experience, authority and reliability are missing, the lowest score.
There is no evidence that the author was a medical experiment. Since this is a medical problem YMYL, the lack of experience is a reason for a low score.
The author of the website or a website is not enough experience with the subject of the site and / or the website to make is not reliable, authorized for the subject. In other words, the page / site is missing E-A-T.
Having the content of the page are more weight in determining whether you have a high quality page.
Low salary
SC or unnecessary distraction that transmit the website, rather than helping the user is a reason for a low rating.
SC distracted or did not help the purpose of the site.
Page not helpful SC.
For large websites, SC can be an important tool with which users can browse the site and MC, and the lack of SC useful for large websites with a large amount of content can be a reason of poor options,
For example, an ad for a model in a revealing bikini is likely to be acceptable for a website that has swimsuits, but pornographic advertising is very entertaining and graphics can justify a deep note sold.
Protect your home
If the site is not updated sufficiently and feels bad for its goal, the low score is probably justified.
The lack of maintenance and updating of the page.
Creditive negative reputation (though not financially malicious or fraudulent) is a reason for a low score, especially for a YMYL page.
The site has a bad reputation.